Actor ‘Femi Branch’ Denies Planning To Remarry Following Second Wife’s Outburst

Nollywood actor, Femi Branch is not planning to get married for the third time anytime soon, his spokesperson, Jonathan Daniel, has said.

There had been widespread reports that he was planning to walk the aisle with a new British lover recently. His second wife, Ibitola, also granted an interview on the back of the rumours where she opened a can of worms on her failed marriage with the actor in what seemed like a timely warning to the soon-to-be wife.

But Femi Branch’s media aide insists that the actor wasn’t getting married anytime soon. “My client does not wish to speak on the matter at the moment. He is too busy please. But he is not remarrying,” he said.

He also declined to comment on the series of allegations his ex wife laid against him in the interview where she claimed that the actor beat her, cheated on her and failed to perform his financial responsibilities among other things. “My client is also not saying anything on that. She can go ahead and say whatever she wants,” Daniel retorted in a chat with The Nation.

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