Angel Adelaja Is The Nigerian Unbelievably Growing Plants With No Soil And Little Water

Angel Oluwayimika Adelaja is a development consultant and also the CEO of Fresh Direct Nigeria, a city farming initiative using stack-able containers.

With the goal of making urban farming accessible to everyone, Angel Adelaja invented a one-of-a-kind stackable container farm that is the most affordable in the world: “We don’t import them, we make them in Nigeria,” she said.

Trained in biostatistics and epidemiology, Angel threw her expertise into creating a sustainable agricultural solution that makes a positive impact for “ordinary people, like the poor labourer, the housewife and the unemployed youth” in her country.

She co-founded We Farm Africa, and is CEO/Founder of Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services, a social enterprise that has pioneered hydroponic agriculture in Nigeria. Her work has led to the production of top-quality produce and meats, and she was selected recently as a finalist in the notable Chivas The Venture competition.

Speaking with The Way Women Work about what inspired the containers, Angel said:

“When we started Fresh Direct, we realized that new technology could make the difference that African agriculture needed. Unfortunately, we needed to import the technology and it was too expensive. So we decided to innovate and create our own technology from indigenous materials.”

Fresh Direct Nigeria has multiple active divisions, so they don’t just farm, they create low-tech affordable technologies, like the stackable container farm, to simplify agriculture in Nigeria – and eventually, the world

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