OAP Allegedly Embezzles Joke Silva’s Donation To Bomb Victim

Radio Nigeria 103.5FM OAP Abigail Gogo faces allegations of cornering a “small” amount of money Nigerian celebrity Joke Silva donated to a bomb victim on live radio.

Silva was on Abigail’s show in August last year when Joy Musa, who lost four children, her husband, and brother in a herdsmen attack in Jos, called in to open up on her predicament.

Touched by the story, Silva reportedly handed N50,000 to Abigail instructing her to give it to Joy Musa.

The bomb victim, who recently attempted suicide in despair, is yet to get the money.

WATCH: The plight of Joy Musa

“Joy Musa need to write to apply for the money before she can collect it,” Abigail told Newsroom three months ago after Kayode Olatunji, chairman of the Bomb Victims Association of Nigeria (BVAN), alerted Newsroom to the situation.

Joy Musa, who is about to be thrown out of where she’s staying with her two remaining kids, told Newsroom she needed the money for her upkeep. But it’s been eight months and she’s yet to get it.

“I can’t write but I have been to Radio One on two occasions and they refused to listen to even look at me,” she told us.

When we asked Abigail why Radio One “snubbed” Joy Musa, she told us she (Abigail) was on vacation the times Joy Musa came calling. She insisted the money was with Radio One management and that the bomb victim must write an application letter before the cash could be released.

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